Modular Automated Job Posting Services


The experts behind Harvest, the industry's premier automated job posting technology, have launched several new modules to address the most pressing issues organizations face in relation to job posting efficiency, pipeline development, and compliance!

What is Harvest?

Harvest LX is a 'hands free' system that automates the process of posting open positions to the job boards of your choice. A former recipient of the Top HR Product of the Year award, Harvest's cost-effective technology makes the process of advertising open positions on any free or unlimited-posting job board effortless.

How Does Harvest Work?

Harvest's technology automatically 'grabs' all of an organization's open positions from their applicant tracking system or other hiring technology, formats the data, and posts them to selected job boards every day. This 'hands free' system completely automates the process of posting open positions to the job boards of your choice - meaning that there is no need to interact with the system after implementation.

How can Harvest Help?

Harvest's new, modular design allows clients to customize a job posting solution to fit specific needs. Regardless of which modular solution is chosen, Harvest helps clients increase efficiency in a highly cost-effective manner. The sections below detail the features and benefits of each of the new modules.

OFCCP Compliance Module

Insure your posting compliance efforts...

Stay compliant with OFCCP job posting regulations with this comprehensive automated solution for federal contractor compliance. This solution leverages the most effective blend of technologies, strategic partnerships, and value-added processes to help your organization demonstrate OFCCP job posting compliance and avoid costly penalties.

*For more information about the recent official job posting compliance ruling which effects most federal contractors, please visit our OFCCP Information Page today.

Marketing Reach Module

Cast a wider net...

Reach the top 11 free boards in the United States with your postings automatically. The boards all of your jobs will be sent to include: GoogleBase, Jobster, OLX Classifieds, Indeed, SimplyHired, Oodle, MySpace (Jobs), MyWay, LinkedIn, NY Post, and Lycos Classifieds.

Diversity Reach Module

Empower your affirmative action efforts...

Reach a large and diverse candidate pool with your current openings. In addition to providing a great deal of additional exposure for your postings, this cost-effective module can help your organization meet the OFCCP's affirmative action posting requirements.

Veterans Reach Module

Place your positions in front of more qualified veterans...

Leverage the strength of the only Veteran's site endorsed by both the Vietnam Veteran's Association and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). This solution allows you to reach a targeted candidate pool of over 12 million veterans, and is an excellent way to show a good faith effort at attracting a pool of military candidates.

Interested in Learning More?

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