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What aren't you doing with your database?


By Chris Cella, Marketing and Communications Manager

...and what is it costing you?

"The best talent must be creatively reached, positively engaged, and then professionally courted for organizations to effectively meet their talent requirements. Our talent acquisition experts have proven that if organizations effectively execute these basic steps in building and maintaining a viable candidate database, they can effectively decrease their reliance on costly agency fees and realize a better return on recruitment marketing investments while creating a reservoir of talent to be tapped into in the future." - LeRoy Robbins, Executive Vice President, First Advantage Recruiting Solutions

You can call them talent communities, passive prospect databases, or prospective candidate leads, but for many companies we work with, one name fits the throngs of untouched prospect profiles who have responded to various advertising and sourcing efforts better than most - missed opportunities.

Your organization has likely spent tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in recruitment marketing this year. Creating a compelling employment brand, getting the message out, and making sure your "house is in order" in order to streamline the candidate experience is a costly process.

Why then, with all of this attention and money being paid to accomplish the goal of hiring top talent, are the vast majority of companies not doing what it takes to follow through with passive candidates?

Change can be scary. Especially if you think that the change will cost a large amount of money. Be clear, though; what we are talking about here is the fundamental link between the changing talent demographics and your organization's ability to recruit effectively without breaking the bank. By engaging interested prospects past those who aggressively seeks a given opportunity, you can keep your cost-per-hire under control and hire better quality talent.

Activating Passive Prospects
If you do not have the internal capacity to "touch" interested passive prospects in order to entice them to your organization, there is no reason to let this valuable talent stream go untapped. The rise of the RPO concept presents the perfect opportunity for companies that simply don't have the internal horsepower to accomplish the task. In fact, First Advantage's Recruitment Process Integration (RPI) service offers employers the ability to reach out to large volumes of passive profiles in order to pique their interest, and convert them into active applicants.

Maintaining Interest
If you are a regular reader of these periodic rants, then you have likely stumbled across a fair number of articles offering tips for accomplishing effective candidate database relationship marketing. Because our experts have implemented these programs with a large and diverse group of companies over a period of years, we feel that we have cracked the code on how to effectively maintain and mine candidate databases.

That being said, in many of our client engagements, the client understands the importance of the concept, but simply does not have the ability to devote operational capacity to the job. Again, RPO service companies have come to the rescue by offering ongoing candidate database management and marketing services. Our RPI service enables employers to build scalable marketing solutions which can maintain, and even dramatically increase the value of candidate and prospect databases over time.

Building Interest Virally
One of the most important opportunities which ongoing candidate database marketing presents is viral (word-of-mouth) publicity for your job. By using your database maintenance program to give your contacts a reason to spread the word about your jobs, you are essentially augmenting your overall recruitment marketing efforts for free. Our experts have helped some of the top companies in the world ensure that their ongoing communications feature a strong viral call to action, and the results have been impressive.

In order to effectively harness the power of viral marketing for your recruitment efforts, start by putting yourself in the shoes of the most passive candidate you can think of. This person was probably just poking around your opportunities because he or she had a bad day at work. The prospect left their contact information with you because they thought, "What the heck... couldn't hurt." What would motivate this person to take future communications about jobs and send them to a friend, family, or a co-worker?

Ease of use and persistence are the keys! If you make the viral call to action highly visible, approachable, and easy for the viewer to use, you will increase your impact greatly. Every so often, in the course of your regular database contact schedule, try making the "forward this message to a friend" call to action the main message of an email blast. Finally, never stop contacting prospective candidates until they indicate that they are no longer interested. Just because you couldn't convince them to move forward today doesn't mean that you won't catch them in a more accepting mood tomorrow.

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